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Vauxhall Omega (94-04) - Used

Vauxhall Omega (94-04)


2 stars


Not Recommended. The Vauxhall Omega was a spacious, well equipped executive car that arrived when more upmarket premium-executive cars like BMWs and Mercedes' were all the go. So, even though the Omega was rear wheel drive and had a notably smooth, powerful 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine, the dowdy looks and a run-of-the-mill badge put people off. Whilst it deserved to be more successful than it was, the big Vauxhall lacked the quality feel of its rivals, particularly in the cabin where cheap trim and Astra-sourced switchgear could be found. But it was comfortable and the suspension was compliant. Even a harder, top-spec 207bhp MV6 that could do 150mph and cost under £25k didn't dramatically enhance the appeal. The styling was improved by a facelift in 1999, when a BMW-sourced 2.5-litre straight six was also introduced. But the image took a further nose dive as high-powered Omegas became popular with traffic police (before they switch to Volvos) and low-powered models became a minicab favourite. They're a cheap used buy now, especially for such a big car, but have developed a number of reliability issues, mostly engine related, ranging from injector trouble to timing belt breakage (make sure it's been changed or you could be in for a big bill) to oil leaks. The 2.0 DI petrol engine can be an oil-burner. Watch out for worn suspension components too, by checking for even tyre wear; it's a common occurrence that can be costly to fix. Alarms and remote control key-fobs give trouble too. A risky buy, but can be cheap.