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manbesi, 11/11/05
I've been using my Gen-2 for almost 2 years, and I found that there's no significant weakness (as what many of you had stated) especially its performance. The looks really shows up and the speed really make me crazy to be fast and furious. The handling is really cool and based on my journey through Bukit Belacan, Ulu Langat and Ulu Yam,I am confident with its stability and safetiness within 120 km of speed when I drove at the corner of those hills.
Now, I am thinking to buy one more for my wife, especially the red excellent design and performance!!!!Do revise back what all of you have said!!!

Stingray96, 20/10/05
Hey it's not that bad... I find the interior style elements very soothing and well-designed... (except for the weird handbrake)... I especially love the funky radio / centre panel, with its orange highlights, and I like the colours.
It handles well, no complaints- and I enjoy the drive.
Plenty roomy enough for me.

Annuar Jaafar, 10/9/05
Azlan,My power window has been not working for the 4th time. Wish you good luck!

Azlan Ahmad, 16/8/05
I dont know why all bad reviews are here.
Of course Gen2 top speed was more than 200kmh, my car even go up to 220kmh(standard)... and i dont felt like 'flying in the air' at all.
i believe the engine is very2 good, only problem is the finishing and low quality accessories. overalll it very good and never bring trouble to me for about 8 month now.

mike, 18/12/04
The Gen2 is a big joke, let me tell u why. Firstly it is underpowered, the claimed 110hp is not true, the power curve is so poor at low speed even a Kancil can zoom past this 1.6 liter without much effort. secondly, claimed fuel consumption at constant 90kmh is 5.2 liters, rubbish, the reality is somewhere between 9 to 10 liters. Thirdly the new state of the art manufacturing plant in Tanjung Malim, who are they trying to impress, look at the number of complaints, as i have limited space for this article, all the problems faced by the other reviews are the same as mine, may be i have another new one, the fuel gauge shows empty after filling up and the aircond blows hot air. Till today, the problem with the aircon is there, everytime i send in the car to the workshop it will have to be left overnight. After driving from the workshop, the same problem comes back.
Wake up Proton!! don't forget that without Malaysian buying the car, you would have been out of business a long time ago, therefore be responsible and fix our problems first.


JJ, 1/12/04
Oh my God~~ Gen2 Is Car or Toy??? The advertisment mentioned that the Top Speed of Gen2 > 200km/h??? Bull Shit~~~ My fren took me only 170km/h Max Speed!!! N we feel like flying in the air~~ Suddenly, taken over by a original (non modify)Proton Wira 1.3GLI... and the driver Smile with us~~!! We were really SHAME that time!!! Finnaly my friend sold out the 2 weeks old Gen2.

Rahman, 30/11/04
Workmanship is very bad so overall quality is poor. Many problems like power window, noisy engine, auto shift down, wind noise and faulty aircond, sometime just blow hot air. Proton advertisment said car high performance but i find no power, pickup very bad and very slow to build up speed.
Very sad that car has nice design but engine is not good. People in Proton should do something. when we complaint they give all the excuse but they forget that we Malaysian buy the car first and they should look into our problem.
Proton always boast about their product quality but i think their management should go to the ground and visit their service centers and talk to the customers, no point just listening to their own people and one side story
People like me stuck with the car as i cannot afford to lose too much money for just a few months but i will not even consider Proton in future like others say better to pay a bit more for better quality

S H Wong, 10/11/04
I have to congratulate Gerard Sta Maria for his review. I was tempted to write a comprehensive user review but all the defects mentioned by him are virtually similar to the problem i have with my car.
I must however point out that i am most disappointed with the lack of power for the automatic model.
Proton's feedback or should i say weak excuse about driving the car spiritedly rev over 4000 rpm to experience the responsiveness of the car is simply ridiculous, how on earth do they expect us to drive in rush hour traffic at that rpm.
To put it plainly the car lacks power fullstop! There is an apparent flaw in the engine design and that is in my simple mind the issue with the car's lack of power in the low torque band.
The auto transmission is not the right equipment mated to this car unnecessary change down resulting in high rpm, overtime the gearbox is bound to breakdown.
Apart from having to put up with the loud engine noise, wind noise is similary irritating over 80Kmh
Proton has lead us to believe that this product is the best ever produced but i disagree. Infact it is the worst model produced.
Until and unless they wake up to the reality and put hand on heart Proton is bound to fail miserably at the expense of better quality and attractively priced imports from Korea, Thailand and Japan.
Would i buy this car in my next life? Absolutely NO!!!! Gen2 is not the astonishing story, it is infact a horror story.

Gerard Sta Maria, 22/10/04
As at 22 Oct car is 5 months old and clocked 5000km here is my horror story;
Day 1 Driver power window faulty
Day 3 Front passenger side door could not open from inside. Engine noise from loose aircond pipe
The saga continues, power steering fluid leak, front passenger side door not able to close shut resulting in alarm trigger(till today unfixed)Steering noise caused by faulty steering column. Engine check warning light triggered. Automatic gear faulty change down from 4th to 2nd and could not shift. Workshop could not fix first time had to resend 2nd time totalling 4 days in workshop to fix all these problems.
Apart from this Proton rang on two occassions to have the car sent in for upgrade, why don't they just recall the cars, why all the hush hush, what is the big secret?
Engine and auto gear box is a mismatch, At 4th gear (2500rpm) going down a slight gradiant the gear shifts down to 3rd increasing engine RPM to 3000-3500 why the need to change down is beyong my comprehension. On the other hand going up hill it will not change down (unless stepped hard on accelerator)resulting is great loss of power.
Power very sluggish at low speed, auto gear feel as if it going to drop off. Engine noise screaming loud. I had to write to Proton CEO for action, but as at todate no one had bothered to reply my letter nor ring me up to find out about the car, although i must admit that the CEO's assistant did ring the workshop, but the problems are still there. Apart from the poor pre delivery inspection, i think this car is off the mark in engine design. If this was not true why are there so many complaints
Totally irresponsible bunch of people at Proton, they tell the press that the number of faults and problems for a new car is well below the accepted norm. What benchmark are they referring too is a total mystery
Anyway my angusih is over although i expect to lose RM 10 thousand in five months i have decided to sell the car next week I bought a Honda City VTEC, what a great car, it has the same horsepower at 110ps, but i don't believe the Gen2 has 110ps, more like 80ps mated with a pre war transmission system.
Take my word don't buy this car, all the hype is hot air, better invest another RM20 thousand and get a foreign make.
If proton wants to compare this car to any other 1.6 liter guess what it will be at the bottom of the league. Want to go global, why not but fix the problems of your own countryman first afterall i like all Malaysian pay the market price for the car and there is no subsidy or special discounts for Malaysian buying a national car

Wilson, 21/10/04
05/08/2004 - It was a nightmare for Mohd Radzi Che Mohd when his Proton Gen.2 caught fire along Jalan Istana Baru ,Kuala Lumpur. Radzi and his uncle, Zulkifli Abdul, however, escaped unhurt.Radzi, the incident occurred at 11.30pm while he was heading back to his parents home.He said he noticed smoke coming out from under the hood of his four-day-old car, and stopped it along Jalan Istana Baru to have a look at the engine. Radzi decided to leave it that way when the smoke got thicker, and he and his uncle immediately got out from the car. Moments later, the car burst into flames.
Rather buy a used car, as it's likely to be safer...

Frank, 13/10/04
The back sitting roof is very low, not suitable for tall person. I banged my head several times. this car is not not merely an improvement for proton cars. A good car does not depends on looks but quality.Engines noisy and veri stiff suspension.This car is not using Cam profile timing, we've been cheated.Very shameful for malaysian.

Tang, 7/10/04
Thought that with new Gen2, Proton able to regain customer confident. But look like the customers perception toward PROTON GEN2 were still the same.

Tan, 6/10/04
The quality for proton cars are still not improving. Gen2 interior look cheap. Proton still have a long way to go to rebranding itself.

Terry, 1/10/04
I am impressed with the design, very stylish. But the overall quality let it down. The wind noise very bad especially during crusing at 80km/h and above. Not worth it compare to the other makers in this price range.

Bob, 30/9/04
Small interior, cheap plastic dashboard. Rear view is limited and it makes difficult to see the rear view. The price should be below $7000 for this low quality car!

Lawrance, 30/9/04
Very good design. Engine is a bit noisy and pick up is very slow. The headroom at the back is very tight. Its totally not an improvment model from Proton. My previous Wira is much much better. Its a very LOW QUALITY car Proton ever produce!!

Mr Chan, 30/9/04
Design is good but the quality is very very bad! Engine noisy and very high fuel comsumption! Ride is stiff, very uncomfortable. The power window mulfunction in the first week i bought it.

Mr Kasim, 30/9/04
Very bad quality, and within 1 month the driver's side power window faulty twice! No power, and very uncomfortable. And i'am regret buying it. As I'am a Malaysian, i realy shamed with this kind of quality from Proton. Proton - u suck people's blood!