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Ford Focus C-MAX (2004 - 2010)

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Mike TT, 15/10/05
Took delivery of a 10 month old car through Ford Direct with 2 years unlimited milage warranty.
The day I bought it and was about to drive it away the boot kept opening by itself. The boot switch was disconnected there and then at the Dealers, it was a known fault and a replacement switch fitted two days later.
As I had to wait an overly long time for delivery , the dealership, as compensation, gave me the car with a full tank of fuel.
The first time I had to fill it up it took me 35 minutes to get the fuel in! I thought it might have been a garage fuel pump problem. However this happened at 5 different garages!
Took it to the dealers, they could find nothing wrong until they took it and tried to fill up. I will now have to have a replacement fuel tank and filler neck. It appears there may be a blockage! This was arranged asap.
These problems aside, the car is great to drive, quiet, comfortable and has great fuel economy. Would I recommend it? Yes definately but remember if you buy a used one get make sure there is a warranty with it.

mohamed, 3/7/05
in2004 been to ford used car dealer to look for a galaxy,Im a disabled person so I WANTED a car with no problem Icouldnt buy a new ?a got an used one v reg.with warranty we ve been ask for 1000poun deposit. two days l8ter I`VE BEEN CALLED AT 5 OCLOK THEY ARRANGED THE FINANCE.I collected the carit was quick .because Itrusted the dealer (ford dagenham motor) since day one discover that the gear switch doesnt light up. then ,the car didnt want to start,same problem all the time,and I had to call the RACall the time to take it to the garage(waranty),then they changed the ignition,they gave me 6keys. but the problem was there,I been to the seller asking them to take their car back after 3nonths from the date of purchase,they refused,didnt know what to do?than wrot to ford custumer care,ford credit,the waranty .just had a reply from fiew and rassuring me that the car will be fixed properly. I trust the company.before goig on holiday been to ford for check up and the used car departement payed for me for the keys to be reprogramed.Ive been on holiday,put the car on the feery then arrived to the distination .icouldn`t open the car
(when got the keys they told me now use those keys and live the other at home)the car is been fork lifted,took the car to ford dealer abroad non eu contry,they asked me for the other keys I had to call frind in london to get me the spare keys.and Ive been calling ford in london daily.the other ford opened the car but couldnt start the engine it was anightmare for me and my familly.Ihad to take the car to an eu contry Itook the car to a garage in marseille france but the problem the car stayed 6weeks in france ,and when I asked the company for a courtesy car,they refused,asked the warranty Ihad same answer it was a nightmare and a holiday from hell.but every body when they know that the car got 6 keys they got surprise and I have to tell them hall storie.when went to collect the car I was driving in the motor way second line.suddenly the car stoped while the engine was running
but the horrible thing was the car going back ward . I had a chock.I was luky It was no car on the road.called the rac in france they took the car butthe next day called the garage told them what happen they refused to take the car back after we payed them 2200 euros(1600pound) they told us its an english car take it to england,after a week the car been broat to uk to ford garage,the following week they called me to take my car because it was raedy? drove the car for less than one mille than the car stoped called the RAC they took it to ford but it was cristmas time.Ihad to wait as well they didnt want to provide me with a courtesy car.then Ive been told the gear box need to be replaced they send the car to another company for gear box,after the new year it was ready .but it was time to time the problem some times starting the engine,every day im scared its gone start or no?
during this time still coplaining to ford and to ford credit but no success.been to citizen advice bureau ,and the people from trading standard took the case and advised me not to stop the monthly payement and I cant stop using the car,Ihave kids to take to school and my hospital appointment? ford didn`t want to admit this problem Im suffering with my wife and its over a year.I bought it with finance 14000pound ,lost more than 4000pound for the holiday from hell due to the car,and still sufering.went resently to same person who sold us the car he offered us 4000 pound?as part exchange? and so fare we payed since last year4500 and the law says that we ca pay 2000 plus what we already payed it wiil be all together 7000p and give them thekeys and we can walk away without some one open the window and trough 7000 pound.?and forgot evry things.

Jason Bardell, 20/6/05
Ford C-Max 1.8 Zetec
Wow what a site, at least I know that I'm not the only one having problems with my C-Max. I bought it new in February 2004, sinse then its been in the garage more times than I can remember. The first time was when it was 3 days old! I should have taken it back then! Symptoms included lack of power, couldnt pull the skin off custard or rice pudding at high revs let alone get off the drive. This happened on numerous occasions, everytime I took it into the main dealer I had that non beileving reply 'can't find anything wrong with it'. Eventually they replace the throttle linkage. It was ok for a few thousand k's then repeated itself. Went back in and this time they replaced the engine management computer. All seemed fine and dandy until last week. It just would not start, not a sausage. Left it for a few hours and eventually it responded and I was on my merry way. Again back at the main dealers they could not find the problem, diagnostic and all. Mentioned the master key not being available to check so therefore could be a fault with my key or the car. What happened on Saturday?? Yes, absolutely nothing. I tried both keys to eliminate the key problem, still nothing, which leaves the'car problem'. Booked in YET AGAIN.
Thats of course not to mention the other problems.. air con not working, faulty pipe - factory order still waiting 3 weeks later. How hot is it at the moment, stiffling. As for the drivers door handle! Silly thing will release so far then remain protruding preventing you from closing the door from the outside. You have to slam it from the inside to get it to shut. Mind you thats only been in once and supposedley fixed so on past performance its early days yet!!
And what an annoying noise from the brakes. My drive is on a small incline & when I reverse it braking lightly there is an almighty high pitch squeal emitting from the brakes/suspension area.
I no longer enjoy this car. I put the key in the ignition wondering if there will be any response each time. I open the drivers door with the slightest caress hoping it doesnt stick and as for parking on my drive I make sure theres no one about incase I'm liable for bringing on a heart attack at the shocking noise.
Instead of enjoying the summer I dread getting into my oven of a car with my two babies, hearing their discomfort on journeys in the heat. No doubt the part will turn up for the winter!
I would never ever ever think about buying another c-max. As for Ford my views are clouded after this poor experience and at present would never use them again.

Alan Cornell, 16/6/05
Bought diesel automatic just over year ago. First ten months need ed new drivers seat, problems with boot lock and could not change clock. Then car started to lose power at low revs. Took back to dealers, repaired car, no better. Back to dealers again Fords recommended part to be changed, no better. Back to dealers again. Spoke to Ford Customer Relations who said they were aware of the fault but did not know how to cure it. Dealers did a week road test on car and confirmed fault. Fords said we should take car back and use it until they solved the problem. We asked for written assurance car was safe. Ford said we had to write in for this in the meantime they said we should lodge a lettter with a solicitor for our dependants, in case we were killed, stating that Ford would be responsible! Sent letter requesting assurance of safety also sent letteer to dealer stating that car was not of merchantable quality and requesting a replacement vehicle or a buy back. We refused to take the vehicle back as we did not feel it was safe when pulling out at junctions, roundabouts etc. Ford sent engineer down who took the car waway for a week. He then confimed the fault and has suggested two parts that might solve the problem. Fords have still not replied to letter asking for confirmation of safety. Phoned again today and was told that they would send this but they were very busy!Our dealer has been superb. He is still trying to get Fords to agree to a buy back or replacement but Fords simply keep failing to get back to him. Fords would not agree to a courtesy car but the dealer has paid for a hire car. We have been without the car for over two months. Fords service has been appalling. I have sopoken to many different people, they will not put you through to the same person twice. They will not let me have copies of the phone calls, they have not replied to my letters. They simply maintain that alhtough the vehicle does not work properly as it is safe I should be happy to take it back.
I am refusing to do this.I have lost all faith in this vehicle and have found dealing with Fords a stressful futile experience. I continue to wait for a solution to my problem

Christine Redmond, 29/5/05
C-MAX diesal 1.6 turbo. I have tried to get on this site for ages, and I could not find it I thought Ford had ordered it to be removed!
Just thought I must keep you all informed my car is still good with no problems, (touch wood and 10 prayers to St Car) So the guy that came out from Fords knew what was wrong which makes me think either the garages are not ringing Ford for help or not getting through to the right people with the answers. As all the problems this car has reading from this website is the same as what I had. I really like this car now and I never thought I would ever say that.

Paul Murfitt, 28/5/05
Cmax Ghia 2.0 TDCI.
I must be very lucky I cannot fault the car. I bought a new (pre registered 12 miles on the clock) Cmax in Oct 2004. I've now done 6800 miles. The car is very nippy, handles well and meets all my expectations. The electronic handbrake took a bit of getting used to but now its second nature.
I had minor problems after a couple of weeks with low fuel warning when the tank was full and with the radio. My dealer uploaded the appropriate software updates into the cars various 'computer' modules and replaced the radio within 24 hours of contacting them. My fuel consumption is a tad low, relative to the book figure but then this has been the case with all the cars I've owned. MPG varies between 42 and 45 driving to work (13 miles each way mainly through open countryside)and a max of 64 mpg on a very long motorway journey in the early hours of one morning, virtually no traffic about. Usual motorway mpg is about 55 though.
My car is the basic Ghia spec with privacy glass and metallic paint being the only options. Having none of the optional expensive gizmos like sat nav etc may be a reason why I've had no problems.

Carolyn Penny, 24/5/05
I have really enjoyed driving my ford c max 2litre tdci, when it has worked. I have been really disappointed in the first six weeks of ownership to have been driving on dual carriage ways and have the power cut out on two separate ocassions. The second time, the RAC had to tow me home. The car has now been in the garage for five days and I am going to see the garage manager on Thursday to ask him to take the car back. The car also shows low fuel readings when you have just filled it up. It is such as shame. We bought the car for our family, because it seemed to tick all the boxes for space and a good drive. However, we want to get our children from A to B safely and reliability has now gone to the top of our list of priorities.

Karen Morley, 17/3/05
Cmax 1.8 petrol ghia
Purchased the cmax in June 04 after a wait of 4 weeks. Over the first 5 months the car spent approx 2+ months in the garage as it was cutting out and the parts were unavailable. Various other problems have also occured and at present loss of power happening again so will be booking car into garage. Have previously written to ford, ford finance and dealer requesting money back but was refused. Compensation from Ford was an extra years RAC cover - looks like i might need it! Wouldn't recommend this car to anyone.

PHIL EVANS, 15/3/05
see my earlier review 1/2/05. Actually agreed to have another 2.0tdci ghia and guess what... it broke down the next day with the same fault as the last one! no power when depressing accelerator.
To be fair to Brooklyn Ford they are embarrased about the whole situation and have now refunded my £14000 in full after nearly 6 months of problem after problem,I cant fault their attitude.
I actually really like this car its just a pity about all the problems, some of which, i e poor fuel consumption, Ford are well aware of.
Maybe I ve just been unlucky,now buying an Audi A3,for £400 more than c max,will continue to read reviews with interest!!

Penry Evans, 13/3/05
I am so happy and thilled with this C-max that I rejected to replace it with another from ford direct. Simply because I did not want my wife to have a nervous breakdown worrying willit work or will it stopm at the most inopertune moment, I have now purched a totaly different make of car and will never buy another ford as long as I live. I firmly believe ford service management should totaly ashamed of themselves for alowing this farse to go on, when I asked Brammal/Quicks in chester if I could have a copy of the fault report when it was downloaded, I was informed its not posible as Ford keep it soley for themselves, in other words you are not allowed to see what's wrong with your own car. I will finish by saying Brammal/ Quicks have been excellent and are a very good company to deal with, but now I am free of this nightmare which has cost me a great deal of worry and money.
Good luck to you all you need it.

Vahit Tekin , 10/3/05
A review from Turkey..I will not say different things..Most of the user and owner of C-max almost have the same problems..
*Low fuel warning (the tank was full)
**Disappointment with the fuel economy(Wrong info on the manufacturers published figures!!)
***Unexpected sounds from the front and rear shock absorbers& other equipment..
****I hate to see&hear that warning on the board computer "outside temp. very cold"
is that really more important than the other really useful info??
By the way, I have to say that the authorised service workers of Ford here in Ankara ,Turkey very sensitive these problems..

Chris D, 8/3/05
I have had a 1.8 petrol zetec since November, and it has given nothing but trouble. The screen wash is leaking somewhere (3.5ltrs disappears in 2-10 days variable) Fords have looked at this twice and can't find the leak (which is somewhere above the front driver side wheel) also the fuel economy is appalling- about 26mpg in town and about 31mpg on a (long) run, cutting back on air con/heated screen etc makes no difference at all. Fords have said- low milage will improve- but as the miles rack up, nothing changes. It must be obvious to Ford that there is a problem with this car, but one senses that it will be wished away and those unfortunate enough to have believed their claimed fuel economy will be left to shell out the cost- interested to see if anyone takes them on, around that point in particular

Adam Downie, 7/3/05
Review of Ford Focus C Max
I purchased a C Max 2.0 TDCi Zetec last June, and have become steadily more disenchanted with the car, principally because of the poor reliabilty. It has never broken down, but the have been various problems with the engine management system - some times on starting the car the engine has switched itself to the "get you home" mode, which it should only do if your are about to run dry (I wasn't). The worst incident has been failure of the brake servo assistance, which happened 3 times just after driving off from cold. This caused a few hart stopping moments. Nothing was found amiss by the dealer, but I eventually persuaded them to replace the vacuum pump, and everything is OK now. I concur wholeheartedly with another reviewer regarding the poor traction, I have just replaced the front tyres after a pathetic 10,000 miles. I am hoping Bridgestones will perform better for grip and wear than the Continentals (not difficult). The latest fault is the tailgate release, I think the "microswitch" on the lid is knackered. It seems everthing on the car is a little nore complicated than it has to be, with reliability suffering as a consequence.

Christine Redmond, 2/3/05
Check out
go to the box at the bottom right and scroll through to C-MAX. This site should help everyone.

Christine Redmond, 1/3/05
Ford C-MAX 1.6 TDCI. Killer Cars
Hello everyone that has trouble with this car. I have held back for a week and I hope I am not too soon in speaking, but its the TURBO WASHGATE that is causing this problem as well as the wires wearing through by the gearbox and it can only be sorted by Fords technician it cannot be done by the garage.
I have a fantastic car it goes as good as the SAAB they lent me! I got in it after he had spent all day in it and I really mean this it was a totally different drive its just wow!!! It moves off quickly from a stop at junctions its just so responsive it does not feel as if its in the wrong gear. I have not worked out the fuel consumption yet but I know that it using less.
I believe this car left the manufacturers wrongly set or whatever the turbo washgate is as it has never been as good as this and I never knew it could be. I have always been disappointed in it. But not anymore.
Demand and insist that they call Fords technicians out to your cars they owe you this. The Ford wizard turned up to fix my car one of Quicks men pointed him out to me that he had just arrived so I let rip. This put him into a strop all day apparently as he is not customer facing and does not read from faults lists what a farce these people should be bending over backwards to be helpful to their customers as these cars are dangerous. He badmouthed the guys at the garage to me saying "they should of learnt from previous problems what to do I cannot believe I am here to sort this out" which is not good as these guys have been really good nothing too much trouble. Anyway he fixed it!!!! and apparently it is only these guys that can do this.
The back windscreen wiper does come on if you put the front wipers on and you put the car into reverse, apparantly its intelligent enough to do this as it knows you are reversing and need a clear back window. I still get outside temperature below freezing come up on the read out I will sort this when I feel its safe to. I hope I have not spoken too soon and its not just a good patch I'm going through.
Keep everyone informed of fixes and faults complain complain and complain its the only way oh and join a car breakdown scheme with loan car facilities so you are never without a car and make Ford pay for the car hire. This also gives you chance to test drive all other makes. I've had a Honda Jazz, Micra, Saab I was promised a Zafira last week if not fixed, but I never got to drive this.
I will have a look in at this site to see how everyone is getting on in the future.
Keep safe and Good Luck to you all.

gary parker, 28/2/05
having ordered my 2.0 Ghia C-Max after reading the reviews, I was pleasantly suprised when it was delivered. There were no faults, and the Tungsten Grey paintwork was superb. It has now clocked up 7000 virtually troublefree miles & has never let me down. Would I buy another? Most definitely NOT - the reasons are as follows - Heating/ Ventilation is awful - windows steam up all the time, takes forever for the heating to blow hot air, intrenal airvents are a pain to use, airconditioning switches on/off by itself. Traction is awful - pulling out onto roundabouts or out of junctions spins the front wheels all the time - no traction control as standard - tis eve happens in 3rd gear accelerating on cambers in the wet. The interior gets grubby really easily, and some of the plastics used are really cheap and nasty. The headlights are poor & seem to illuminate the wrong areas of the road, and it has to be one of the most boring vehicles to drive ever made - and finally - the electronic handbrake is dire - sometimes it won't come off - sometimes it wont come on - makes hill starts a whole new ball game! having had a Zafira, Scenic and Verso, this is the most bland Mini MPV out there!

Penry Evans, 27/2/05
I have now requested that CD Bramall send this car--p back to fords on the thirty day return, as it was reprogramed on Thursday 24/2 because of the low outside temp warning staying on and poor fuel consuption. Great I thought when I picked my car up thursday afternoon and CD Bramall so helpfull, and thats no joke they are. Friday on my way to Manchester via stop in Liverpool "Oh boy what a ride" the car--p started loosing power and miss firing constantly, my wife sitting white faced and white nuckled just waiting for it to stop, I kept it going by keeping the engine reving at its maximum revs 2750 and changing for auto tomanual and just changing up and down the gears. The fault seemed to clear by Birkenhead so I got to liverpool and my our stop. When we went to carry on to Manchester shows how naive I am thinking we could do that, back came fault I cancelled Manchester and set out back to the garage. Eventually got there using 1st 2nd and 3rd gears asked if anybody had any matches, I was told it is not company policy to help upset customers to despach their car to the spiritual scrap yard. My main problem now is trying to decide what ford vehicle I can change it for, anyone got any ideas as I am disabled and have problem getting in lower cars the galaxy is to wide for my drive. I did think I had found the perfect car when I bought it, excellent design but ford have put a nightmare computer inside it, sort that and it will be a brilliant car.

Jack Foord, 27/2/05
Ford c Max 2.0 DCi.
I had two test drives in the C-Max 2.0 DCi manual. Excellent comfort and road handling, and easy access. Just the job, thought I. Then just as I was about to buy one , I found your reader reviews. So I didn't buy a C-Max after all.
Thank you for your explicit reviews. Heartfelt sympathy for Christine Redmond. Sorry it's cold comfort.
I spoke to a Ford used car salesman. His colleague told me he was driving a C-Max at 70mph or so in the middle of nowhere, when the engine just (just?) stopped dead. As he was telling us the tale, a C-Max trundled along the road outside-on the back of a breakdown truck. Phew!-thanks again, reviewers.

Penry Evans, 22/2/05
i RECEIVED MY 1.6 C-MAX TCDI Auto on 31/1/05 ex fleet from ford direct through CD Brammel, on the 8/1/05 we broke down on the M56 motorway the car just died in the third lane, as we were only going at 30mph with three lanes of trafic I only had enough speed to pull onto the central reservation upto the barrier. All the vehicles were forcing there way past us, I turned off the ignition and then tried to start it "nothing" I turned the ingnition off again and removed the key, doule locked the car, the inserted the key and tried to start it, it fired then died, did the same proceedure it fired and ran tried to get over to the hard shoulder, it died again back to by barrier again. I tried samething again this time I managed to get over to the first lane died again, at least I was able to get to the hard shoulder in a safer position. Eventualy escourted of the motorway by Cheshire Police along the hard shoulder to the services and the RAC. God bless the Cheshire Police and the RAC, what a fightening experience this fault is very serious and extreamly dangerious. CD Brammel Chester found a list of faults two days later that the RAC cleared at our home after being towed home, at that time I was getting 31mpg. After CD Brammel re programed the on board computer they felt it would be OK, it now returns 41mpg wow I really impressed and feel very confident in this load of c--p. Its booked in for 24/2/05 because of more various faults.

John D, 21/2/05
Bought 1.8 Ghia in July 2004. Great car - only been back to dealers for electric key to be re-coded after boot began automatically unlocking. Biggest disappointment is fuel economy, mixture of urban/motorway gives around 28mpg, long motorway stretch about 35 mpg. Definitely not what was stated in Ford literature - how can they get away with these claims? Not sure about how much better diesels are, but future buyers should note this.