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Citroen Berlingo Multispace
3.5 stars

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Renault Kangoo

Renault Kangoo


2.5 stars

Quick Summary

Not recommended. A useful entry-level people-carrier - but one that never manages to escape its van origins.

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For those in search of cheap, unpretentious utility, the Kangoo has lots to offer. It's well priced, spacious, reasonable to drive and built with the sort of reassuring solidity that inspires trust.

That's the good news. The flip-side is that the Kangoo is basically a people-carrying version of a van, meaning that it can't get close to matching the sort of driving experience offered by more advanced rivals, nor can it beat them when it comes to image.

The styling is unashamedly commercial, and behind it's boxy proportions the Kangoo is an impressively useful package thanks to a very generously proportioned cabin that allows five occupants to travel with more luggage than a large estate car. And, of course, with the rear seats folded the Kangoo becomes every bit as useful as the van it really is.

The driving experience is reasonable. Light controls and good visibility make the Kangoo easy to drive and manouevre, while roadholding and grip levels are more than up to the demands that typical drivers will want to make of a vehicle like this. But refinement is disappointing, especially on motorways where wind and road noise becomes intrusive at cruising speeds.

The basic 1.2 litre petrol engine is gutless and not really suited to work out of town. The more powerful 1.6 litre motor is far better, but most buyers opt for one of the brawny, economical "dCi" diesels. Of these the mid-range 86 bhp version is the pick of the range.

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